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Here is what Hoover's says about downloading data from company profiles:

Content & Data: What types of data can I download or export from a company profile?
Hoover's offers a number of company data files that can be exported from the company record. Most reports contain pre-selected data points, and one report allows you to select the information you want to download. Below are descriptions of each type of report:

Report Names and Descriptions


Note: Report availability varies by company

  1. Company Data: Contact and descriptive information including D-U-N-S numbers, physical and mailing addresses, Public/Private status, and industry codes. Public companies feature basic financial, market, and subsidiary/parent data. Format: Excel
  2. People & Company Data: Basic professional information, such as job title and function. When available, age and compensation are included. Company data features industry codes and physical and mailing addresses. Format: Excel
  3. Income Statement: Financial performance figures such as sales, profit, income, expense, and earnings per share (EPS) data. Format: Excel
  4. Cash Flow Statement: Data related to sources and uses of cash, including net change in cash and cash provided by operating, investing, and financing activities. Format: Excel
  5. Balance Sheet: Asset and liability figures such as cash, receivables, inventory, stock equity, and short and long term debt. Format: Excel
  6. Historical Financials: Archival information from income statements, stock history, and year-end financials. Examples include revenue, income, profit, stock prices, P/E ratio, per share data, cash, debt, and market cap. Format: Excel
  7. Market Data: Market performance metrics including 52-week high/low, institutional ownership, ratios, and growth percentages. Format: Excel
  8. Competitors List: Complete list of competitors selected by Hoover's editors, with sales, profit, and net operating cash flow data for each. Format: Excel
  9. Competitive Landscape: Comparison data on company and up to three competitors, including sales, market cap, employees, profitability figures, valuation ratios, per share data, and 12- and- 36-month growth percentages. Format: Excel
  10. Full Company Report: Attractively formatted text document containing company, people, financial, market, and competitor information. Format: PDF
  11. Family Tree: Data points for each location in the Family Tree, including parent companies, contact information, industry codes, sales, employee numbers, market data, and Prescreen Score. Format: Excel
  12. Customized Company Report: Create a personalized document by selecting the information you need. Format: PDF

If this doesn't answer your question, can you tell me specifically what company data you are trying to download? I will then be able to take a deeper look.

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