Answered By: Sandy Marinaro
Last Updated: Aug 14, 2014     Views: 47

WGSN (Worth Global Style Network) is a forecasting site that can be searched by product or a stage in the product life cycle, such as Think Tank, Product Design or Packaging. The archive goes back 13 years.  It's a tremendous resource for courses in fashion design, fashion merchandising, art, design, advertising, etc.

Please follow these rules when you access WGSN:
1. Do not print out more than 1 copy of any page from the WGSN site and do not download any of the WGSN site onto a disc.
2. You can use extracts of WGSN content to form a collage of ideas, either electronically or in hard copy, but always mark the collage “© WGSN”, use your collage only within Stevenson University and do not make any further copies of your collage.
3. The restrictions and requirements in rules 1 and 2 do not apply to content marked “WGSN Downloadable” – you can print as many copies of this content as you like, save it to disc and there are no collage restrictions.
4. Do not email any link or content from the WGSN site to anyone else, unless the content is part of the WGSN Ideas Studio and then you may only email Ideas Studio content to another WGSN Stevenson University user.
5. Students may use WGSN only as part of their studies at Stevenson University and not for any other reason. For example, you may not use WGSN to carry out work on any work placement you might have.
6. Stevenson University teaching staff may use WGSN only to teach students and not for any other reason. For example, you may not use WGSN to write any commissioned articles.
7. No one can use WGSN for personal or financial gain. For example, do not use images on items of clothing or other fabric.
8. Stop using the WGSN site as soon as you are told to do so by Stevenson University.