Answered By: Sandy Marinaro
Last Updated: Oct 05, 2018     Views: 10

The SU Library has made it much easier for SU students and faculty to find full text access to journal articles that do not display as free in PubMed. 

1.       Always begin by accessing PubMed through one of the SU Library links to it. From the SU Library homepage ( click the Databases button.

2.       That brings up a few options. You can get to a PubMed link from any of them. You can scroll to find PubMed in the alphabetical list of available databases. In  “All Subjects”, choose either “Biology” or “Nursing/Medical.” PubMed is in both of those categories or you can type PubMed in the search box on the right.

3.       If you want to get to our PubMed access directly, please bookmark the link   Any of these approaches will connect you through our proxy, so if you are not at a networked SU computer, you will need to login with your SU user name and password when the prompt comes up. (That is the same login you use for your SU email.)

4.       Warning: If you do NOT use one of the SU Library links, you will not be able to do what follows. Return to step 1!

5.       2nd Warning: If you have old PubMed links (even those from the library) that are in your Blackboard pages or other places, change them to this:  (If the library needs to make changes to our access route, that link will seamlessly send you to the updated access route.) 

Now to the good part. 

When you do a search in Pubmed and open an individual article record, you should see a blue “Find Full-text” button to the right of the article title:




Clicking that button will link you into SU Library’s Full-Text Journal Locator. If the article is available to you in full text, it should automatically open. If it does not, you will see a screen like this:


Notice that one of your options should always be “Request this article through interlibrary loan.” Clicking that option will automatically populate the article information into the SU ILL form.