Answered By: Robin Findeisen
Last Updated: Mar 07, 2017     Views: 16

There are multiple reasons why you may have this problem, so there is no one single solution to the problem.

The easiest possible solution is to simply change to a different browser. If that solves your problem, you don't need to go any farther. If it doesn't, continue to read.

Each browser (i.e.. Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari) has its own settings to control how a PDF opens within a web page. You may need to change the browser settings on the computer you are currently working on. This only affects that machine; it does not change your browser settings on another computer.

Below, identify the problem you are having. Then, based on the browser you are using, use the given information to resolve your problem. In some cases, you may need to try more than one solution.


Your PDF is not displaying correctly:

Browsers may be set to

  • open a PDF in a preview mode,
  • open in Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader, or
  • save the file. You then follow the onscreen directions to open it.

How each browser controls these settings is slightly different. Identify the browser you are using and then use the information below to resolve your problem.


Internet Explorer


  • Enter chrome://plugins into your address bar.
  • Scroll down to either Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader. (You'll only see them if you have them installed.)
  • Click the Enable link.


Blank page displays

PDF is blank in Internet Explorer 10 or 11 - If a blank page opens when you click a link to a PDF in Internet Explorer 10 or Internet Explorer 11, you may have disabled Acrobat or Reader for this website.


Only first page displays

Why is a new PDF opened each time I turn the page of an EBSCO eBook? - Only the first page of PDF displays or multiple PDFs are opening